Suggested Readings for April 11

Hi Class!

I just wanted to post my suggested readings for you. I’ve enjoyed the following sites:

Brochure tours of King County, WA that focus on agriculture, maritime, and industry

This site contains the final report for a historic and scenic corridors project in King County, WA.

This site explores the history of the Port of Seattle, which turns 100 this year.

I hope you find these as fun as I did!

2 thoughts on “Suggested Readings for April 11”

  1. All three of these sites were quite fascinating. The port Seattle page’s amount of interactivity was great and it was very well done. The digital brochures of King County were also good. They provided so basic information without losing the viewer (or internet surfer) by oversaturating them with too much. The report on king county is well done, but would be more interesting if I was doing my own report and needed a template.

  2. While I’m partial to Kitsap County myself, these sites were fabulous for any Washingtonian! THANK YOU so much for these sites, Brandi. I thought Destination Heritage and the Port of Seattle were especially well done. I spent way too much time this morning exploring the “Stories of the Port.”

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