John Paul Stevens is my Homeboy

One of my favorite history-related sites to visit is the Library of Congress collection of historic photograph and print collections.  I love to look through the different groups of photos (they have thousands so I have never actually seen any of the collections all the way through.  My favorite are the WPA posters; particularly the 1930’s prints for the National Parks.

WPA Prints

I love tongue-in-cheek history that can be shared with everyone.  This next link satisfies this desire.  The other T-shirts are also funny.

Girl Power-Now with Kagan!

This next post isn’t necessarily history, but it did remind of some of discussions on preservation.  I thought that this was a unique approach to temporarily add value to certain historic but neglected properties.

Before I die: NOLA

These links are a little random, but so are my historical interests.

4 thoughts on “John Paul Stevens is my Homeboy”

  1. I love WPA posters. I want to buy a bunch of them and hang them around my house someday (particularly the “See America”/national parks collections). Or this one…

    How great would it be to have a print of this one around and available to hang in your bathroom when you have those guests staying with you who just won’t leave…? (Also, I couldn’t help but notice that the photo was taken by “Edward Owen”……)

  2. So maybe Edward Owen is an image pirate? I love the syphilis poster. I think it might also work well in a rebellious teenager’s bedroom.

  3. Great Link to the WPA posters. I love all things National Park related and really enjoyed scrolling through all the prints.

  4. I enjoyed the WPA prints and the history t-shirts. I was particularly impressed with the “Nothing comes between me and my Calvin” Coolidge shirt.

    The “Before I Die” project was very cool! I agree that it is a perfect example of repurposing a neglected site to benefit a community. I would love to check out the book when it is completed.

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