February 13: Museum visit, ideation, and digital presentation

Dr. Madsen-Brooks will be out of town for a conference on Monday, February 13. Students will meet together as a class to do the following assignment:


  1. Read through the end of chapter 3 of The Participatory Museum, and skim the rest, reading what interests you.
  2. Visit a museum between February 7 and February 12. (Note: most museums are closed on Mondays, so please don’t wait until February 13.)
  3. Take notes on your visit. Take photos (if permissible) or make sketches/diagrams.

***You do not need to write a blog post for this week.***

In groups, during class on February 13:

  • In groups of 2 or 3 students, synthesize the concepts and practices from The Participatory Museum with your experience at the museum(s).
    • If your group members visited different museums, consider how one participatory concept (and its attendant practices) might improve the exhibits at the 1-3 museums.
    • If your group members visited the same museum, consider how two or three participatory concepts (and their attendant practices) might improve the exhibits at that museum.
  • This synthesis should take the form of a Google Doc, Google Slide deck, or PowerPoint presentation.
  • Your presentation should be illustrated with relevant photos, diagrams, sketches, charts, or other appropriate visuals. Keep the text pithy but meaningful. Chances are you’ll write too much, then need to edit it down.
  • Workshop your presentation with at least one other group.
  • Don’t rush this! Your presentation should be polished and look like it took 2.5 hours to produce.
  • Share your presentation digitally with Dr. M-B.
  • Be prepared to briefly discuss your presentation on February 27.