Project development grant proposal

Download this assignment as a .docx file.

Write a mock grant proposal to fund the development of the public history project you are proposing.   Your mock proposal must be to an actual funding organization or agency, and it must adhere to their grant proposal guidelines.

Follow all the organization’s guidelines, except:

  • If the funder’s budget template is incredibly complex, you can turn in a simple budget table instead of using its template.
  • If the funder asks for letters of commitment and support, you don’t need to include those, though I would like you to suggest people you might ask to write letters on your behalf.


To merit an A grade, your grant proposal must be well researched, make a strong argument for the proposed project, and exhibit flawless prose.


Work on this project with one other student.


Deliverables (in print and via e-mail):


Your grant proposal

Grant proposal guidelines for the organization you selected


Deadline: Monday, May 1 (final exam period)