History and Hoaxes

Ok…The Last America Pirate was awesome; the idea behind the course was spectacular, and I am not at all surprised at the amount of work her class put into the project. When something catches your attention like that, it is hard not to be excited about adding a bit of tom-foolery to history!
This got me thinking about my History and Conspiracy Theories class with Dr. Walker last summer. We studied some of the most fascinating “research” I think I’ve ever seen! So, for this blog, I have chosen to share with you a few of my favorite hoaxes in the spirit of Trick-or-History. Some will make you smile, others cry, others make you wonder who in the world spent all their time compiling so much, ummm, data? to prove their point, and others will just make you LOL. Yes, LOL. Who knows, you may even change your mind about some of these events…
Stanley Kubrick’s Moon Landing as seen through The Shining

This site is full of fun historic facts

After reading about Edward Owens and the class project, I couln’t possibly share anything else today! Alas, perhaps a more intellectual pursuit further along in the week. But for now, just enjoy the hoax!

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  1. The faked moon landing reminds me of the War of the Worlds radio broadcast about the invasion of Martians in the 1930s. My uncle who was a sickly kid spent a lot of time listening to the radio and knew it was a hoax. It did catch a lot of people off guard since it was performed as a news broadcast. Hoaxes were pulled off even without “convincing” high-tech equipment.

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