Historic Preservation, with Jackie Kennedy…

As most of you are aware, every First Lady has their project. Michelle Obama has taken on childhood obesity, Nancy Reagan took on the ‘war on drugs’. Jackie Kennedy focused on the preservation and restoration of the White House.

In the following news broadcast, Jackie Kennedy gives a brief narrative on the history of the White House, and why it is important to preserve and contribute to the aura of the mansion. Throughout the hour long interview, she goes room by room describing what work was done. Everything from refurnishing to changing the style of tables in the banquet hall. All of her work was in the name of preservation, and keeping the history of our nation and the residence of our President alive and well. Jackie truly went to great steps in discovering relics in storage, and using the knowledge of Historians and various experts in making sure her findings were accurate.

The fact that both John and Jackie were avid history buffs makes this story ┬ámuch more interesting, at least in my humble opinion. It’s refreshing to see the respect and admiration to the past from a couple who one would think would be too preoccupied to acknowledge.



2 thoughts on “Historic Preservation, with Jackie Kennedy…”

  1. I have always had an interest in the White House. I have also been watching the mini series on the Kennedys right now, so I found this post interesting. Thanks for the you tube link, it was fascinating on so many levels.

  2. I loved the tour. I was surprised at how much history Jackie provided. I wish that I could see all the wonderful colors they were talking about. I also feel bad for the ladies from the National Park Service cataloguing all that furniture. I know that job is not very fun. Great link!

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