Reading Suggestions

For the readings this week I have two suggestions…the first is an article on the same website Tabatha suggested everyone check out. It is about funding public history through grants (as you might guess from the title).

My other suggestion is a visit to the Washington Women’s History Consortium. It is a really fun site to explore, it has digitized collections from a number of universities and museums in Washington, thematic collections, oral histories, and lots of resources. You can explore at

Happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Reading Suggestions”

  1. The women’s history consortium is the kind of site that I love. I was especially drawn to its resources–especially the newspaper section. Digitalized newspapers are so much better than microfilm.

  2. I loved the grant writing article on the Public History website! It really helps to you to look at it from the donor’s perpective. I wish they were still updating the site I think it is full of helpful inforamiton. Thanks for recomending it 😉

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