Reflections on Chasing Pirates

As everyone knows by now, I was involved in politics for quite a while so I have trouble believing anything people say any more is true.  This may sound extremely cynical but people have a natural tendency to lie, cheat steal and generally be full of crap!  I know in my experience as a high school teacher that my students had a tendency to believe everything they read so I was always telling them to check the source.  If the source isn’t credible then don’t believe what they say or write.  And then with programs such as Photoshop you couldn’t even believe the pictures you were seeing.  I think the professor was proving to his students the same thing.   It made me think of Orson Well’s “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast that sent many people into hysterics.  Every April Fool’s Day the Star News in McCall does a “spoof”  article that gets many of its readers hook, line and sinker.  Even though the editors say “April Fools!” at the end of the article, invariably you will hear excited people in town talking about the article as if it is real!  It is a great  reminder just how gullible people can be and to always, always check your sources before you go chasing pirates!

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