Last American Pirate

These were the exact words I wrote as I was reading the Last American Pirate:

“The Last American Pirate reminded me how much fun history is! I hope to have as much fun researching something soon!”

And then…

“Uggh, it was all fake. I thought maybe it sounded too good when I read the will, but whatever. I get what they were trying to do, but it makes me pretty mad. And if you were to put on a public history project like this, people would really enjoy it and be engaged, but then they would be madder than hell at being tricked. I’ll laugh later at their trick, but not right now. It calls into the whole question of objectivity in professional historians. No wonder historical fiction is so much popular- people are expecting some lies in that form.”

Do you see why I am both upset and disappointed at being duped? Even days after reading the blog, I am still mad and can’t write objectively. I’m sad that I was tricked, even in the name of trying to be taught a lesson. I am still hopeful that one day we might all find the same passion for our own Last American Pirate. I guess even if we have to make it up.

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