Recommended: Interactive maps of Idaho’s Mining/Ghost Towns

I found three different websites on Idaho’s mining/ghost towns.  All three have different types of interactive maps with icons for you to click on to view more information about each town.

This is from Outdoor Idaho and has several of Idaho’s mining towns on their interactive map.  Each link to the towns have a lot of information and both historical and modern day photos.

This interactive map has ghost/mining towns from all over the country.  You can click on the “states” tab and then click on “Idaho” to see all of Idaho’s towns.  You can either click on a county or click on the list of towns or list of counties.  Each link has information about the town but there are no pics.  Hope you like banjo music!

This is another interactive map used Google maps.  It has towns from all over the west including about 7 from Idaho.  You can click on the Google icon to see the towns.  Has some information and lots of modern day photos but no historical ones.

After going through all three you should be ready to go strike it rich!

2 thoughts on “Recommended: Interactive maps of Idaho’s Mining/Ghost Towns”

  1. I enjoyed learning about Idaho’s ghost towns from the Outdoor Idaho site. I visited a ghost mining town way up in the mountains of southwest Colorado this summer (pictures of which I found in the Ghost Town Gallery!), and that piqued my interest in ghost towns, so this was fun. I thought it would have been good for the Outdoor Idaho site to include a map of where the ghost towns are now and how to get there, rather than just sticking them in a general area on the basic Idaho map.

  2. I never realized how much people love learning about ghost towns. Having never explored a ghost town site I was a little skeptical…but I have to admit the United States map of the distribution of ghost towns was intriguing. The banjo music was a nice touch, too. :)

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