Public Historians

This first website is a blog off of a Public Historian themed WordPress. It is an interesting analysis of how twittering is similar to telegrams and the trend of twitting historical diaries. It has some links to interesting sites like Massachusetts Historical Society’s John Quincy Adams twitter project. It is a fun short read that connects public history with the tech world. Just read the first blog entry.

The second site is my favorite!  I would encourage exploring the whole site. It is devoted to jobs as a public historian. It includes “Views from the Field” under the Employment tab which interviewed a variety of public historians. (Similar to what we did in class) It gives ample definitions of what it means to be a public historian under the About Public History in “What is it?” The link I provided will take you directly to the Public History Employment section and gives description of jobs in public history. Do not be distracted by the “View Current Job Openings” link. It appears the website may have gone back into hibernation (see their “history” under the about PHRC tab).  Although a lot of the information is older, it has great ideas and is very optimistic about the field of public history.

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