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Here is one of my favorite blogs: It is edited by two fairly young histories, has numerous contributors, and focuses on American Religious history. It’s quite good at interpreting the religious meanings and significance of current events. One of my favorite threads is called “know your archives” and it provides great information for younger scholars making their first archive visit:

3 thoughts on “Reading Recommendations”

  1. I love this blog! I actually used that “know your archives” thread to find the archives where I will be doing some research for my thesis this summer. It is such a great blog, and I love that it is not entirely “scholarly,” but also includes a good number of fun posts that draw connections to relevant themes in American religious history today.

  2. I too liked the “know your archives.” I did think the author was a little too whiney about his hotel room though…

  3. That was a great blog. I’ll add to the love for the “know your archives” thread, which I found very helpful, and also quite funny. He seems to attract people who enjoy yelling at strangers.

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