Pirate Reflection 4-10-11

I thought the professor used creativity in his assignment when he had his students create a hoax with the last American pirate.  The students worked well together, were creative, and used technology in their assignment.  In the last 10 years, it seems all ages from elementary to grad school are integrating technology into the learning process.  For example, our class using an iPod, and apps, and the BSU Music department using iPads.  The professor was also showing his students the importance of improving their research skills, and evaluating what sources/ information you find on the internet.  Students must focus on primary sources, and academic websites, or they too will fall under the hoax of misinformation on the internet.  With the improvement of technology, and the user friendliness, everyone must evaluate what they are reading.  Information on the internet may either be from an academic background, or it could be a random post/website from someone who is bored, misinformed, or creating a new hoax.

I also found it interesting that the professor stated he did not want to offend anyone.  I didn’t feel offended in any way.  However, the blog did have several spelling mistakes.  What does annoy me, is when people don’t use spell check….especially on blogs.  Please people use spell check, it is great!!!  BTW some of the words were caffeine, and archaeology.

Below is a silly site, if you want to generate a pirate name…Arrr


Here is one more


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