Thomas F. King’s Boo-Hooing

Thomas F. King has some serious issues!  He sounds like he might need to be on suicide watch. And who is this John H. Perkins on the back cover who said this book is a “joy to read”?  John, get a life!  If I saw Mr. King I would have to tell him to perk up buttercup!  If we think back to what was happening to our environment in the early 1900’s and the progress we made to correct those abuses, we should be very pleased.  The Endangered Special Act, Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, among others all helped to raise awareness of what we were doing wrong and help us start doing things right.  He seems to think we still aren’t doing enough, but he also needs to keep in mind that we still need an economy in this country.  We must still be able to harvest timber, extract resources and manufacture goods to keep our country strong.  And there is no reason why we can’t do all that and still protect our environment.

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