Reading suggestions

So apparently I saved this as a draft instead of posting it yesterday, so here it is:

I have three really cool history sites that I love to check out.

The first is the Food Timeline, which is a timeline of when different foods and recipes became a part of the human diet. And beyond that, you can click on the individual foods and the site gives an in-depth history of each food including its origin and how it was originally eaten. I have used it for my blog and have spent hours trying to figure out the history of my favorite foods.

The second site that I recommend is called Patheos, which is a site devoted to presenting balanced views of religion. Religion was one of my minors, so I really enjoy the study of it. The part of the site that I recommend is the “Compare Religions” tool which allows you to compare up to three religions side by side. It details their history and histroical practices up through modern day practices. I think it is a really helpful tool.

The third is the National Women’s History Museum’s website, specifically its online exhibits. There you can see everything from women in film to female spies in American history. It is a really great collection of American Women’s history.