Some awesome free apps

Shawn sends along this info.

In perusing the depths of the App Store, I’ve found some awesome apps (for free!)

The American Museum of Natural History has a few apps, but one of them is the “explorer“.. it gives guided tours, exhibit searches, restaurant and restroom locations for the museum.. It has a GPS location feature that gives you directions to the exhibit that you select (or is next on the guided tour you select).. Pictures and info of the exhibit are in the App as well!

The American Museum of Natural History also has an app dedicated to their Dinosaur, and Cosmic exhibits as well… Excellent guide for a museum!

The Smithsonian has a few Apps, but mainly just for their magazine and television stuff.

Next up, is a pretty cool public App for the Boise tourist.. The description credits the Boise Weekly for it, but it’s called “CC: BOI” (Cocktail Compass Boise)… it shows all happy hour and food specials, as well as a countdown for when they end… Hours of the establishment, a brief description, as well as a Boise Weekly review of the bar/restaurant.. You can give your own reviews, read other readers reviews, as well as see it on a map, share it on a social networking site, or call the place (obviously for the iPhone only).

These are definitely worth a free download, and correlate to the ones we’re thinking up as well!


What apps are you finding?  Leave their names (and links!) here in the comments, or create a new blog post to share them.

(To get the link for an app, right-click (or, on a Mac with a one-button mouse, control-click) on its name in the App Store, then select “copy link.”)

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