OOhhhh, boy. Where do I begin?

Here we go with another one of Kate’s semi-facetious, sometimes-off-topic-but-always-makes-her-way-back-around post! Hazzah!
With an opener like that, I must first comment on the phrase that was crossed out in the Respectable Negroes blog (can I say that?). “willfully ill-informed Right-wing neo-secessionist nostalgia mongers”; I must admit, I get quite the kick out of that. I would also like to comment on their mention of white-washing history. So apparent when it gets called out, but when you are learning things in school, you trust your teachers and what the educate you on–uh oh! All of a sudden you have a completely biased view of history! Whoopsie daisy!
A good example of an event such as this is the Virginia text book. The fact that the book went through so many people to be approved, then the same people disagree is frustrating; not to mention that the author had 14 more books in schools! The author of “Yikes! History’s Grossest Moments”; who said herself that she was “a fairly repected writer.” Hmmmm
And finally, the letters between the professor and the museum curator, which I have just adored since last semester. The references the curator makes to the african american students and learning about “their own kind” is just fascinating! Oh, and I absolutely loved how education in the North was higher as apposed (yes, with and ‘a’) to the South. I could have asked for nothing better!
That is my rant. I am allowing myself to say these things because I was once a victim of bad history. I’d rather not talk about it……


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