Museum Politics, Pt. 2

In this week’s reading I found the chapter on the Missouri Botanical Garden (124) particularly interesting because, embarrassingly enough, I have never really thought of botanical gardens as museums. This chapter was very enlightening in that respect. Organizations such as the Missouri Botanical Garden function as you would expect any museum to. They cleverly design exhibits and displays to demonstrate a particular point or idea, in this case with more complicated resources to work with.

If anyone hasn’t checked out the website for the Missouri Botanical Garden, it is worth doing so. They have photos for each section, maps, and some cool videos (including a virtual tour, which is only a YouTube video at the moment). It would be interesting to think about the possibilities for mobile applications for an attraction like this one. Thinking about it briefly, audio would seem to be the best option, as this is a place where your eyes would need to be focused solely on the exhibits.


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