Bombing Boise?

I experienced similar struggles with the acronym laden text that preaches doom and gloom for any future protection of cultural, historical, or even environmental landscapes in the face of unquenchable expansion and development.  However, I will give TFK some credit for his more liberal understanding regarding what should be considered when altering a landscape.  I thought his discussion of landscape and what can be considered significant culturally was a good starting point for changing how these “light green” laws are approached.  I also thought that King made a good point when he brought up cumulative effects on the landscape.  For some reason, as humans we have a hard time conceptualizing how our actions effect the environment and how these environmental consequences will eventually come back to affect us.  I have been really interested this past year in environmental justice, and how these projects we undertake can negatively impact racial minorities and poorer classes in the U.S. in disproportionate numbers.  There seems to be little we can do to prevent these environmental disasters from happening even though prevention would save millions of dollars spent on cleanup, potential loss of property, and untold consequences on the health of those who live in those areas.  I wish TFK would have made some suggestions on how change the governmental structure more so that it protects the land and the people, rather than business and government interests.

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