Baron Von Munchausen Revisionists

I was both amazed and appalled by the reply from the manager of the BVM museum.  I can’ t believe a professional would send back a letter filled with so much acrimony and contempt, not to mention the obvious ignorance of the facts.  When she said something about Greeks not getting into the whole slavery issue I about fell out of my chair!  As a Greek herself, she doesn’t know that the early history of her people is filled with slavery?  As a teacher myself, we sometimes have to teach difficult and sensitive subjects to our students.  You can teach those subjects in the correct manner where the students learn about it and learn from it.  You don’t just leave it out just because it might make some students uneasy.  The manager should have been thanking Mr. Cebula for helping correct the mistakes, instead of lashing out at him in a childlike manner.  Not professional at all.

2 thoughts on “Baron Von Munchausen Revisionists”

  1. I too was shocked. Not only was her response unprofessional, the ideology in it was so confusing- Kids don’t learn anything in school, so we should dumb down our history too. I agree that teachers can and do teach sensitive subjects succesfully, and I think they have a real opportunity to use tangible history to teach a complex, moral issue.

  2. Disregarding the words of the curator’s response, I was shocked that a professional would send out a letter with so many mistakes. It is obvious that they had strong feelings, which confused me because I didn’t think that he was attacking the historical house, just making suggestions.

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